Our Services

The main advantages of booking with us are that you will be working with a knowledgeable partner on your side to plan and organize your charter. We know what works and what doesn’t and we will get you straight to the point with a tailor-made cruising itinerary which will help you make the most of the time on your beautiful chartered yacht.

Whether you are renting the yacht for a family vacation, special events, or business related, we offer a sense of truly unrivaled flexibility and freedom.

Combining the experience and high education of our staff, our knowledge about the boats and charter industry in Croatia, we are offering our clients possibility to experience the Mediterranean on high-quality vessels.

We are specialized in offering immaculate yachts and the first-class customer services.

Booking Agency

With an extensive knowledge of the industry and first-hand experience of local charter yachts throughout Croatia, Ocean Sailing House is your key to a successful and unforgettable cruising vacation. We research charter yachts, crews and the market on a daily basis and can offer you advice about every component of your charter, from the most suitable yacht to the best itineraries. We also hold knowledge about marine law, contracts and destinations where we keep You fully informed about the entire process including contracts, insurance policies and international legal considerations, all of which even the most seasoned charterer will struggle with on their own.

Yaht Mangement

Yacht Investment Program

Charter management is the sum of activities that include yacht maintenance, booking agency listings, the legal aspects of yacht ownership, and finally chartering a yacht. OCEAN SAILING HOUSE is on top all of these tasks. Yacht maintenance and the quality of our standard yacht equipment is something that we are very proud of. A high level of maintenance is our standard. We will treat yachts with respect to ensure the satisfaction of all of our guests. Our staff averages 10 years of experience working on yachts and there is no boat for which they do not have maintenance experience.

The outstanding customer service that we provide and our friendly staff are the reasons for our high booking results.

Professional Yacht Service

We have experience in all aspects of yacht operation ensuring that the yacht is operated as safely and efficiently as possible. We provide technical support, equipment repair and installations through our experienced staff to enhance the reliability and efficiency of onboard systems through planned maintenance schedules, onboard inspections, repair consultation and surveying to ensure maximum reliability.


Sophisticated marketing using proven marketing assets where we promote our fleet online, in print and in person. We always strive that relevant message reach target audiences. We take time for bespoke branding process for each yacht both innovative and unique.

Yacht Supply

Groceries and supplies. Being able to supply an advance provisions list that ensures everything is on board at arrival saves much time and hassle. If you do your own shopping and cannot read the labels, you might end up having sugar instead of flour aboard. Send us your shopping list!


Looking into selling a boat & want an expert help?

We will manage the processes to ensure a smooth and secure transaction by:

  • Holding all of the title documents and other important paperwork
  • Preparing the sale and purchase agreement and bill of sale
  • Drawing up title transfers
  • Overseeing the completion and handover process
  • Putting any transferable funds into our Escrow Account for a safe financial transaction

Ocean Sailing House holds no commission for the yacht sold from own fleet!

Private Yacht Managment

A yacht is a significant investment: whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management: from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-orchestrated diary. Ocean Sailing House Management services ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board with family and friends.

Crew managment

It is an uncontested truth that a crew is the most important working part of any yacht. We work with owners to define how they want their yacht to operate and then create an efficient structure for the crew to operate smoothly within.  We advise clients on the difference between what the regulations dictate and what is in their best interests. Finding crew and giving them our full support is the best guarantee that yacht operates to the highest possible standard. In an industry where trust is so important, we give insights to make informed decisions.

Sail & Stay

Enjoy beachfront locations, stylish rooms, restaurants and bars, a wellness spa, casino, flexible function space and more when you stay ashore. The intensive connections with local agencies and Hotel chains give us the opportunity to offer you the best accommodation ashore.

Yacht charter

The definitive freedom is relaxing on board a yacht, enjoying the highest levels of comfort, service and personal attention – and crucially, complete privacy.


Our mission is to deliver the most unforgettable experiences. You are in the hands of an outstanding team that will provide unparalleled sailing adventure and service at every stage of your voyage of discovery.

Immaculate Yachts

Having full control over the condition and maintenance of the yachts, we can always be sure that our customers get yachts that meet their high standards and expectations. Take a closer look at our yachts and choose the one that will fit your preferences perfectly.

What others say about us?

We have been sailing with the assistance from Adriana & Jakov for several years now. They deliver service & professional knowledge when you rent a boat in Croatia. They make you feel important and welcome!

Ocean Sailing House is a newborn company with the experience of the adult.