Ocean Sailing House

After 15 years working in the charter industry, on different positions and with different companies, I decided to create my vision of the charter in which I always wanted to work, to create an environment where new ideas are born and old ones are improved. Flexibility and variety are the greatest indulgences of a yacht charter. No other holiday offers a changeable backdrop of superlative cities, coastlines and islands and the prospect of new experiences every day. Go when and where you want, with people that matter to you the most. We will ensure that your charter holiday exceeds your expectations.

Jakov Bosnjak, Founder of Ocean Sailing House

How it started

Increased demand on the current market created the need for the company that recognizes the importance that every moment really counts. The company that values privacy during the experience and personalization to meet individual tastes.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is for our clients to experience the difference we deliver and how far we will go to ensure their sailing holidays are beyond expectations. A restless pursuit of the best service for our customers is essential to our success.

About us

Founding partners Adriana Bosnjak & Jakov Bosnjak,  both have more than 15 years of professional experience in yachting. Adriana started 14 years ago at the front desk of Adriatic Charter; at that time biggest yacht charter company in Croatia. She spent the most of professional life in Navigare Yachting Adria, later divided into Navigare Yachting & Adriatic Sailing, where she profiled as the go-to expert for yacht charter sales & charter of crewed catamarans in Croatia. Jakov Bosnjak began his career at 19 as the yacht engineer & skipper on sailing boats at Sailing Holidays. Since then he changed different yacht charter companies, each time moving up the profession scale from base manager to CEO. His experience as a charter fleet operator and yacht manager gives him a 360-degree perspective, which is valued by clients and colleagues alike. Now Jakov & Adriana joined forces together with the group of peers to create Ocean Sailing House. The House where yacht charter is a lifestyle, not a business.

2 Founders

Yacht charter enthusiasts

20+ Employees

Who cater to your every whim

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15 Years

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What we can offer you

Imagine, the hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest; a restaurant where you pick up the gourmet cuisine of your choice, holiday itinerary that enables you to decide where and when to go, at your own pace; or a luxury villa where you can relax undisturbed by an outsider. This is our main goal.

  • Exclusive Yachts

    Hand-picked proven vessels and crews

  • Bespoke Itineraries

    Customised and uniquely crafted itinerary

  • Marina Kastela

    Outstanding geographical position in mid Adriatic

  • Worldwide travel

    Vast list of partner agents

  • Secure Payment

    WSPay – secure online payment

  • Credit Cards accepted

    We accept all major credit cards

  • 24/7 Support

    Rely on us for support before, during, or after your vacation

  • Non Stop Flights

    Split international airport only 9 km from home port

The future is bright.

We are passionate about what we do.